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With the advent of new technologies on cars, where everything is managed by the engine control unit and electronics, the systems for stealing cars have become sophisticated and all occur by replacing the latter with an uncoded control unit or by connecting a terminal to uncode the same directly from the OBD control unit which allows you to start the car without the owner's key. 

The first patented armouring system for engine control units was therefore born in 2009 and takes the name of Block Box which prevents its replacement with an uncoded one. 

Immediately afterwards, the Block Box OBD anti-theft device was designed which prevents access to the OBD control unit and DIGIBLOCK Block Box, thus making the theft of a car much more complex, which usually takes place in less than 60 seconds. With our systems, the time required to start a car without the owner's key expands exponentially, thus forcing the thief to desist from stealing the car.



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